Travel Services

Where ever you need to go, CEM can get you there.

From hotels to air travel, car rentals to cruises, CEM provides better value and better service for your individual, group, personal or corporate travel.

Global Expertise

As the 3rd largest air fulfillment service worldwide, our travel team leverages global expertise, cutting-edge technology and the world’s largest GDS ticketing systems and online booking tools to help you minimize your travel costs.
Smart Technology



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Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees

FlightCapture, our latest technology acquisition, gives us access to your travelers’ ticketing profiles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This real-time air reporting tool enables multiple meeting management including ticket manifests, ticketed and unticketed flight data and other features that enhance your meeting experience.

Delivering Value

Unlike our competitors; we do not mark-up our services, delivering exceptional value for all of your travel needs:

  • Air Travel Management
  • Professional On-Site Travel Assistance
  • Traditional Travel Agency Services
  • 24-7 Service Center
  • Travel My Way™ Vouchers & Customized Travel Planning
  • After Hours Emergency Desk

Motivate and Reward

Our Travel My Way™ voucher program rewards key customers, employees or associates with an exceptional travel experience while regulating your spending. Give the gift of a local weekend getaway or recognize key performance with an extended stay at a luxury destination. Check out our “Individual Travel Vouchers” Link, and talk to us about customizing a voucher program or other travel services to meet your business needs.

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