Individual Travel Vouchers

travel vouchersIndividual reward trip elements can be customized any way you like. When you need an innovative, unique and complete reward that can help you reach your goals, we can help you motivate your most deserving audience with one of our popular packages. Or we’ll create a travel option that addresses your organization’s needs!

How it works:

What’s the next best thing to a group incentive trip for networking?  Providing a reward that motivates your audience to earn a trip of THEIR dreams!  Individual travel rewards offer the powerful benefits of travel that motivates peak performance.

You can choose which type of flexible Travel My Way® reward program and the amount you want to spend. Your recipient gets to select the rest including dates, location and how long.

My Way – Specific Hotel Stay with Breakfast

  • This offers a motivating package that includes the hotel, breakfast and perhaps a gift card enhancement, all planned within your budget guidelines.

This Way – Promote a Specific Destination Package

  • Provide the opportunity to earn a trip to a specified hotel, with air, transfers and perhaps an optional activity … you decide what to include!

That Way – Custom Catalog Options

  • Promote a set number of destination packages and watch sales increase. Options could range from an African safari to a day at the beach.

Custom Way – Qualifiers Customize the Trip

  • Your recipients decide where they want to go. From swimming in the Florida waters, to snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, it’s all about their desires. You set the dollar amount, and we roll out the red carpet to get them there.

Travel My Way® reward solutions offer flexible and convenient vouchers packed with value and are customized to meet your recipients’ individual travel desires.


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