Hotel & Cruise Site Sourcing  

Before you book your next property, let CEM show you which facility is right for you. hotel site selection

As a provider of value-added services, CEM can source your next event location at NO COST TO YOU – saving you time and saving you money.

How It Works

Instead of contacting any hotel or cruise line on your own, your first call should be to CEM.  Your dedicated CEM hotel and cruise site selection specialist works with you to understand your event requirements and then goes to work researching cities and facilities, and negotiating rates, all at NO COST TO YOU!

Once you select your location, your specialist renegotiates and thoroughly reviews your contract to ensure the best rates and the most protection for your event to help you reduce your risk. We continue to work with you through each stage of your event to help you produce a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your attendees (we won’t quit going to bat for you after the contract is signed – a refreshing change you’re going to love!).

The property pays us a placement fee for bringing your business directly to them. Unlike some companies, CEM refuses to accept any retainer fees (hidden or disclosed) or represent only higher-priced properties only to push them on you when they don’t fit your needs.  We sit on YOUR side of the table – not with the hotel or cruise and therefore offer unbiased recommendations with full transparency, accountability and disclosure.  And you’ll never pay an annual fee for our services.  Our compensation is paid from the property’s annual sales and marketing budget and is not built into your event cost so that your rate is not adversely affected.

CEM Sourcing Chart
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What You Avoid

CEM’s hotel & cruise site selection team helps you:

  • Avoid paying too much for your hotel, meeting room or cruise
  • Avoid spending your valuable time negotiating with multiple properties
  • Avoid concern or regret about the quality of your contract or contracted facility
  • Avoid working with a company that only recommends their preferred properties
  • Avoid unverified contract data or a vendor that stops working for you once the contract is signed

What You Get

CEM’s hotel & cruise site selection team delivers:

  • Experienced meeting experts negotiating your contracts
  • Among the lowest possible rates
  • Price integrity
  • Professional advice on where to host your event - and where to avoid
  • Unbiased professionalism with bids from multiple, appropriate properties
  • Increased concessions
  • Improved attrition rates (more flexibility in committed room nights)
  • Additional protection clauses

The Bottom Line

From negotiating rates to scrutinizing contracts, we help you contract the BEST hotel or cruise for your event, conference, incentive travel or meeting.

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